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What is the role of Indian expo center and exim bank in handicraft industry ?

EXIM bank -
The EXIM bank (export - import) bank of India is the leading financial institution which is the best entity to manage the export and import operations of the other financial institution. This bank/ financial institution was initiated on the 1 January, 1982 for promoting and managing the foreign trade and handicraft export in India.
The authorised capital of EXIM bank is 200 crore and its paid up capital is 100 crore. EXIM bank has many other functions to perform -
  • to finance the handicraft trade of India and the third party industries.
  • to provide machinery and technology on lease to merchants.
  • to finance the joint ventures financing
  • providing loans to Indian Merchants.

Indian Expo center & Mart -
Indian Expo center and Mart is one of the leading institute of handicraft products export in different part of India and other part of the world. Although it is also a platform where international level of buyers are connected with the platform to source their handicrafts. It is expected that the Indian Expo center and mart will soon be established in to the wholesale market for the handicraft products. In twice of a year the handicraft fair is organized at Indian Expo Center and many buyers from worldwide are collected at the fair to visit the handicrafts center.
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what should be the school administrative qualities of LITEROM ?

School Administration in case of a residential school is like running a small city. Unlike the day schools where it is more of less about academic automation, fees and library the administration of a residential school requires a lot of other issues to be taken care. Like -
1. Hostel Management System
2. Point of Sale / Student Store Management System
3. Mess Management system
4. Gate Security System
5. Laundry Management System
6. Imprest account / pocket money management system
7. Offline intranet based mail system
8. Interconnection of school system with web site on batch processing basis.
and similar other changes..
We have done a extensive study and implementation with one the leading Residential Schools for Girls (VDJS) and Another Leading Boys' residential school (Welham Boys School) have come up with a unique and practical approach for residential school management with software.

Some of the important tasks being handled there in the schools are

1. Connecting the far away parents with the school using a campus connected and updated interactive web site of the schools.
2. Interconnecting the departments with proper information exchange without repeated work and ease.
3. Simple to implement and adopt solution with less hassles of implementation and maintenance.
4. Elimination the dependency on 24hrs dedicated internet connection by providing useful tools like INTRANET VIRTUAL MAIL SERVER.

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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Why the school needs a online ERP software ?

With the expansion of the web technology many colleges have come forward to make use of the mighty web to expand the education approach and widen the effectiveness of education system. During this many of us have encountered various challenges. In this article we are giving tips on online schooling.
Colleging round the clock around the globe ... exciting but what to do for it. The first question is can it work online. It is important to understand our infrastructure and the users before we finalise anything on this account. For some countries the idea of online schooling may work with fully online system but with most countries where Internet facility is still at a growing phase the idea may end up is a dream far off. For this the concept of an intranet based system that works offline and can synchronise with online interface is something that works.

With the inception of the online + offline system we have all the economy and speed of an offline system and approach of an online system.
1. The system is available offline so works with the speed of you LAN. So quite practical in a school where the number of transactions are very high.
2. Offline availability of system eliminates the requirement of a 24hrs dedicated internet connection.
3. The online system is an interface to the outside world. So without redundancy we have everything shared in web. Secure and personalised.
4. Web based school management systems gives parents access to the required information without much involvement of money and time.
5. With a web based school management software we can organise an effective parent interaction system for better relationship and knowledge sharing with them.

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Friday, 18 May 2018

different features of LITEROM alike campus automation software

• Students dynamic reports, you have facility to chose required fields which given in students profile. So users can choose accordingly, only those fields will be display in student dynamic report.
• New Admission report available session wise. It will show you how many new admissions taken from session start date to till date.
• Students Sibling report can be generated into system, if students blood relation matched in school, so we can assign as sibling them for each other. On behalf of this you can find a report that how many siblings available in school.
• Students Login list
• Students I Cards printing report
• Students blank list
• Students transfer certificate report
• Students withdraw report
• Students club list
• Students list house wise
• Students details label
• Parents invitation card label
• Complete school students list in a shot
• Section wise students strength analysis report
• Students RS/DS report (RS – Residential , DS – Day Scholars)
• Students report Religion wise
• Class Teacher report section wise
• Students Birth day reports
• Employees Dynamic list for (Teachers/Officers/Other staff )
• Subject wise teachers report
• Teachers homework report
• Employees I Cards report
• Employees left in a session report available
• Profile printing facility available for every user with latest images.

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Thursday, 17 May 2018

What are the perfect administrative features of a university ERP software ?

Salient administrative features of LITEROM -
• Main settings available for complete system that will affect the student’s enrollment no, students roll no, sessions, students shorting, according to users. And manage all other settings which user wants to update once in a session for school.
• All students profile will maintain with all the details like his name, enroll no, address, phone no. Parent’s detail and other required details.
• Complete school staff members (Teachers/ Officers/ Other Staff) details with details profiles. • All Classes record maintains section wise with priority wise, order can be set by LITEROM administrator.
• Optional subject maintain into admin system class wise and section wise, like Third Language, Biology, Mathematics.
• Users Login in offline system available in this module, administrator can block unblock any students and staff member if anyone using unwanted things in system.
• All master entry made in this system like department / designation/ I cards and attendance.
• Students /Teachers / other staff members birthday cards can be designed through admin module, after that it will display in users login on birthday date.
• Certificates Templates can be generate in this system for students, like transfer certificate, beneficed certificate, date of birth certificate and Users can create his own certificate templates like sports awards accordingly.
• Complete school subjects from class prep to XII maintain in administrator module.
• Students Houses manage in this module class / section wise.
• Student’s promotion from one class to next class in session end manages in this module by LITEROM administrator.
• Interactive Modules rights provided by LITEROM administrator to teachers/students/officers. So that they can participate and authorize news, articles, notices and other things published by users.
• Lot of interactive features rights provided to users like , News Publishers, Article Manager, Image gallery Manager, Important Website links manager, Download Section Manager, Circular Managers, Time Table Arrangement Manager, Marks Manager, Thoughts Manager, Duty Chart Manager, Telecom Manager etc.
• School early calendar can be created from LITEROM administrator login, and this event calendar would be display in user’s login summary pages. So Students/teachers/staff members/ parents can be easily updated with daily activity happening in school.

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What are the perfect fee management modules in ERP software ?

Fees / Billing Management Salient Features
• Fees Accounts Head Management
• Fees Head Management
• Bill Scheme Class / Section wise
• Students Personal Account (Imprest)
• Vehicle Fees Management
• Fees Receive thorough cheque / cash / draft
• Defaulter / Circular / outstanding fees settings based
• Short Fees provision
• Discount Provision
• I tax Details Head wise for each students
• Apply students bills class wise
• Receipt Cancel feature available Reports
• Daily Head wise collection reports
• Daily Collection report without heads
• Bank wise collection details
• Accounts head wise reports
• Account head wise report dynamic
• Monthly Head wise report
• Fees Defaulter latter (3 Diff formats available Class Wise/ Section Wise)
• Outstanding fees Challan class wise
• Fees bill scheme details
• Students Under a bill scheme details
• Students Fees Register Class wise/ Section Wise
• Class Wise students fees details
• Class Wise Due fees summary report

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Wednesday, 16 May 2018

What are the perfect medical store management facilities in LITEROM ?

Medical Store (Stock Master) Salient Features -
• Create new indent or obtain Indent details as due indents, released indents, completed indents or cancelled intend lists
• Maintain stock items
• Maintain the detail of issue like issue items, issued , return
• Create an new GRN or obtain GRN details as open GRNs, closed GRNs or canceled GRN lists
• Manage sales create new cart , can obtain the details for the open carts, bills , day book or return
• Maintain mess details as running meal or closed meal
• Maintain miscellaneous expenditures
• Maintain meal details as non paid meal or paid meal
• Maintain PO and obtain the details for PO, demand PO and closed PO
• Maintain opening stock
• Manage demands check for due demands, released demands or pending demands and can create a new demands
• Maintain consumed details
• Manage stock verification

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